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SAES RIAL Vacuum possesses extensive knowledge in ultra-high vacuum technique and in designing , manufacturing  and testing of UHV components and complete UHV and superconductive equipment.
This know how is continuously nurtured through the dedication of the Engineering Department which develops and manages UHV, cryogenic an d superconductivity projects.
The most important customer, CERN, led the company to implement UHV procedures in machining, welding , cleaning and testing.
This success has been acknowledged by CERN in their recognition of the former RIAL VACUUM RESEARCH as one of the four top CERN suppliers in the year 2006 for its outstanding achievement in producing high quality components . This know how is still part of SAES RIAL Vacuum

Innovation is also in SAES group DNA which spends more than 12% of sales in R&D activity. This has been recently awarded in 2011 by the prestigious R&D 100 price for innovation. The R&D100 Awards was given in that case for the development of the NEXTorr® D 100 pump, an innovative design integrating a Non Evaporable getter with a ion pump.



bunch compressor for FERMI


pumping modules with RF bellows


undulator chambers for storage ring

Berkeley Lab

R&D chambers for ALS II


Photon absorbers for ESRF EBS